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Selenite Crystal USB Colour Changing Lamp


Selenite Crystal USB Lamp with colour changing LED bulb

Handcrafted from one of the purest Selenite sources in the world each one of these lamps is unique in design and dimensions within the range above.  

The iridescent nature of this beautiful white crystal is said to inspire the imagination and provide mental clarity.  

Selenite has natural insulating properties which makes it feel warm to the touch.  

Selenite lamps, aside from their beauty, can be used to aid meditation as they are thought to enhance mental clarity during the meditation process.

They also make great overnight lighting as the low wattage LED bulbs do not overheat and the LED bulbs are long lasting. Please note these lamps have a colour changing LED bulb so may not be suitable for bedroom night light.

This lamp can also be used with a USB adapter to plug the lamp into a power socket. 

Approx sizes:

25cm = 24 - 29 cm H x 10cm, approx weight: 3kgs
10cm = 10cm H x 5cm 

15cm = 15cm H x 5cm