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Skybright Surface Sanitizer 100ml


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Skybright Surface Sanitiser is a natural disinfectant which is ideal for travellers and campers to use on a wide range of surfaces such as toilet seats, bench tops, showers etc, to help prevent infection from bacteria and viruses. It can also be sprayed on the hands to clean them, as it is non-toxic. It is contained in purse sized, light-weight plastic spray bottles, which makes it easy to be carried in luggage, and easy to use anywhere that good hygiene is uncertain.

Many years of research have proven this combination of ingredients to be extremely effective and Skybright Surface Sanitiser has been proven through independent tests at the ESR laboratories in Christchurch to kill all bacteria within 1-3 minutes.

It has a long lasting effect, stopping recontamination, and there is no danger of bacterial resistance. It is non-toxic with a faint pleasant smell. Rinsing after use is not required and it has a long storage life.

Each ingredient has a long history as an infection fighter.

Colloidal Silver: has been used for many years to help prevent bacterial infection and is now used in sticking plasters, bandages and clothing.

Grain Alcohol: is well known as one of the best antibacterial products. It is used in most hospitals and health care centers.

Hydrogen Peroxide: is a naturally occurring, odourless and colourless liquid known chemically as H202. The human body produces hydrogen peroxide in the immune system as the first line of defense against various micro-organisms that have invaded the body. Hydrogen peroxide has been described in medical literature as a disinfectant, antiseptic, and oxidiser.

Olive Leaf Extract: The olive leaf contains a phytochemical called oleuropein, whose active ingredient, elenolic acid has shown powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects.

To Use: Spray on surface and leave for 1-3 minutes. Then wipe off any residue.

Surface Sanitiser can also be used in conjunction with Skybright Hand Sanitising Gel for added protection against germs.

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