Snore Stop 2 Tablets

New improved Snore Stop 2 20 Tablets: Contains additional ingredients for the serious snorers.

SnoreStop delivers quick relief to a companions ears!


Chew or suck only 1 tablet, whatever your age or weight, when lying in bed. After 10 nights if steady improvement is noticed you may start decreasing dosage by taking 1 tablet only every other night. If positive results are still present you can start taking Snore Stop 2 just twice a week as a maintenance program until no longer needed. When necessary repeat the dosing schedule. 

Snore Stop 2 has shown no drug interaction with any other medications but is best taken 10-15 minutes apart from food or any other medicines.

Please read insert enclosed in the packet.


Use only as directed. Pregnant or breast feeding, ask a health professional. Do not use on children under 7 years of age. Keep out of reach of children. Not intended for people diagnosed with sleep apnea. After 14 days, if symptoms worsen consult a health professional. 


Arsenicum Album - Homeopathic 12X

Belladonna 6X

Cinchona Oficinale 12X

Ephedra Vulgaris 6X

Grindelia Robusta 6X

Histaminum Hydrochloricum 12X

Hydrastis 6X

Kali Bichromicum 6X

Latrodectus Mactans 12X

Laurocerasus 12X

Magnesium Stearate 3 mg

Nux Vomica seed 5X

Stramonium 30X

Teucrium Marum 6X

Zingiber Officianate ginger 12X