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Shakti Acupressure Pillow


The Shakti Acupressure Pillow is designed for application of acupressure to the neck and shoulders.

If these are your trouble areas, the pillow sits comfortably under the neck for gentle but effective pressure.

Using the pillow in combination with The Shakti Mat is out of this world...

The pillow can also be applied underneath the legs to help hamstrings, calves and thighs recover from workout or injury.

Shakti own and operate a charity workshop in Varanasi, India.  They support the incredible women who make Shakti Mats by hand with good pay, good hours, meals, medical care, holiday pay and a safe and happy work environment.

  • 100% Certified Organic cotton & natural dyes
  • Recyclable ABS non-toxic plastic
  • Non-toxic polythene foam
  • Weight: 385 grams | 41 x 15 x 9.5cm

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