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Shakti Acupressure Mat Original


The Original Shakti Mat in Green, Orange, or Black is designed to help combat stress, muscle tension and sleep problems by providing circulation and acupressure simultaneously.

Various forms of acupressure have been around for thousands of years.The Shakti Mat simply allows for easy self-treatment at the price of a single massage.

6,000 points on this mat makes it the mat recommended for 95% of people.

Shakti own and operate a charity workshop in Varanasi, India. They support the incredible women who make Shakti Mats by hand with good pay, good hours, meals, medical care, holiday pay and a safe and happy work environment.

  • Ethically made by hand in India
  • 100% Certified Organic cotton & natural dyes
  • Recyclable ABS non-toxic plastic
  • Please note the mats no longer come with a bag, this won't affect the amount of happiness you find in your mat though!

If you would like to know more about the benefits of acupressure and using these mats, read the blog