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Purely Earth Essential Detox Minerals

Purely Earth

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Essential Detox Minerals 60ml contains all of the required trace minerals in the right balance to run the enzyme systems in the liver, facilitating healthy liver function and better detoxification. It has been formulated specifically to address some of the most common mineral depletions in New Zealand and delivers the minerals in an ionic form; the form most easily used by the body. 

Because trace minerals are used throughout the body, Essential Detox Minerals will assist people with allergies, fatigue, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, digestive problems, chemical sensitivities, Diabetes, low immunity and skin problems.

Ingredients: Purified water, Concentrated Mineral Salts, Citric acid, Zinc Sulphate, Sodium Borate, Manganese Gluconate, Chromic Chloride, Sodium Molybdate, Sodium Selenate

Contains less than 0.1% Potassium Benzoate.

Vegetarian Formula

General dosing: Use as outlined or as prescribed by your practitioner.

Safe for daily use in babies and children at 1 drop per kilo of body weight.

For 10 years+ and adults, use 2ml daily. Put into water or diluted juice and take with food.

Amount per serving:      

Magnesium 25mg                                         

Zinc 15mg                                          

Selenium 70mcg                                     

Manganese 2mg                                      

Chromium 120mcg                                      

Molybdenum 75mcg.                                       

Sulphur 30mg                                       

Lithium 0.15mg                                     

Boron 3mg                                    

Chloride 70mg


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