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Oasis Beauty Lips & Lashes 20ml

Oasis Beauty NZ

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Oasis Beauty Lips & Lashes is the amazing 3-in-1 eye, lip and lash treatment for even the most sensitive of eyes.

Eyes can't keep secrets! They are the first to show signs of stress & premature ageing. Oasis Beauty Lips & Lashes is a natural, light silky cream that soothes & brightens your peeps, moisturises your pout & even helps your lashes grow longer & stronger!

The skin around your eyes is the one of the first places to show signs of ageing because it’s up to 10 times thinner than the skin on your face and is surrounded by constantly moving muscles. The 4 main areas of concern in this area are (1) under eye dark circles, (2) crow's feet, (3) wrinkles and (4) puffiness.

They say that our eyes are the windows to our souls. Well we better look after the delicate skin around them otherwise people might get the wrong idea!

  • Soothes sensitive skin and sore eyes with cucumber and honey
  • Hydrates and protects with vitamin E, calendula and rosehip
  • Minimizes dark circles with arnica
  • Smoothes fine lines with hyaluronic acid
  • Protects from premature ageing with green tea
  • Makes eyelashes longer and stronger!
  • Perfect for keeping our pouts looking lush!

Active naturals: Aloe vera, New Zealand honeydew, glycerin, rosehip, calendula, apricot kernel, arnica, hyaluronic acid (not from animals), green tea, cucumber and Vitamin E.

Contains natural Organic Ingredients.

Oasis is Cruelty Free


5 ways to use Lips & Lashes:

Use as an eye & lip cream. Gently pat around the eye and lip areas morning and night. Allow 2-3 minutes for the product to settle on the skin before applying makeup.

Use as a lash conditioner during the day. To prevent your eyelashes from drying out, Lips & Lashes is also an eyelash conditioner that you can apply before you apply your mascara. Wait 2-3 minutes before applying your mascara.

Use as a lash enhancer at night. Apply a small amount with your finger and gently brush over the upper and lower lashes including the lash line.

Use as a lip conditioner during the day to keep lips soft and lipstick from drying and flaking. Apply Lips & Lashes before applying your lipstick. Wait 2-3 minutes for the product to settle on your lips before applying your lipstick

Use as a cuticle cream. Massage into the cuticle area once a day. The best time to apply it is at night so the product has time to work while you sleep.



Oasis Beauty Lips & Lashes is packed with nourishing ingredients including:

    • Aloe vera & cucumber which provides a soothing action for sensitive and sore eyes
    • Honey, rosehip oil, calendula oil, apricot kernel oil & vitamin E which  all work to moisturize the area around the eyes without weighing the skin down
    • Arnica reduces inflammation and bruising so it helps with puffiness and dark circles. It’s also helps promote hair growth and is used in hair preparations at 1-2% so it’s what we use to grow your eyelashes!
    • Vitamin E lotion is also a well known way to increase hair growth
    • Glycerin and hyaluronic acid (HA) are humectants that absorb moisture and swell, filling fine lines and wrinkles.

      Oasis Beauty Lips & Lashes is packed with nourishing ingredients including:

    • Green tea is a super powerful antioxidant that is a wonderful fighter destroying nasty cell-damaging molecules in our body, known as free radicals. This keeps us looking fabulous for longer.

      Active Natural Ingredients:

      Aloe vera, NZ honeydew, glycerin, rosehip, calendula, apricot kernel, arnica, hyaluronic acid (not from animals), green tea, cucumber, vitamin E.

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