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Nature Body Probiotic Stick Deodorant


This natural deodorant doesn't stop you sweating (which would be a bad thing!), but it does stop odour! Sometimes the body has a detox effect after switching to natural deodorant, and after rebalancing, we often find that sweating is reduced.

It works by utilising two topical strains of probiotics that used to live on our skin before the age of anti-bacterial soaps and washes.
One strain in particular oxidises sweat on your body and helps keeps skin healthy. It even reduces the need for deodorant!

Organic sodium bicarbonate helps keep odours away, and healing oils, organic bentonite clay and butters soothe and moisturise, while the essential oils keep you smelling beautiful.

Free from any nasty chemicals and packaged in an Earth-conscious zero waste cardboard push-up tube containing 65g of product. One cardboard tube lasts for 3-6 months, although some people have reported having the same tube for a year!

Directions for use:

Gently push up base of tube to start using. Only a little is needed each day. And the cardboard tube composts after use!


Organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, beeswax, olive oil, organic tapioca powder, organic sodium bicarbonate, organic bentonite clay, organic kawakawa & calendula oil, horopito extract, hempseed oil, active manuka honey, topical probiotics, essential oils.

Sensitive Skin:

Organic virgin coconut oil, cocoa butter, organic shea butter, olive oil, beeswax,  organic tapioca powder, organic sodium bicarbonate, organic bentonite clay, horopito extract, hempseed oil, magnesium powder, organic kawakawa & calendula oil, active manuka honey, topical probiotics, lemongrass and lime essential oils.

Made in New Zealand