Natural Life Recycled Zip Case

Let these gorgeous eco cases brighten your day!

Made from 80% recycled water bottles and resin zipper, these Recycled Zip Pouches make carrying little treasures more fun! 

Perfect to use for toiletries, make up, stationery or as a tote or purse.

Designs available:

"Practice gratitude, give more, sparkle more, it's the little things, more road trips, live happy" 18cm H x 22cm W

"Some days you just have to create your own sunshine" 10.5cm H x 20.5cm W

"When your heart speaks take good notes". 10.5cm H x 20.5cm W


Additional Details:

  • Made from 80% recycled plastic water bottles
  • Resin zipper
  • Assortment of fun designs