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Loveskin Kakara Toning Rose Mist

Intended for daily use on all skin types, KAKARA Toning Rose Mist intensely hydrates and balances the PH of the skin. Refreshing, relaxing and moisturising, this luxurious mist locks in vital moisture and leaves the skin’s cells plump and lustrous.


Daily Ritual: Refresh

Part Ritual, Part Preparation

Spritz and tone with our refreshing and balancing KAKARA Rose Mist. Apply the gentle spray to your face while luxuriating in the refreshing sensation and hydration it provides.

The LOVESKIN KAKARARose Mist may also be used throughout the day to refresh and hydrate the skin. Apply the gentle spray to your face and take a moment to turn your attention to the particles of mist settling on and around you, simultaneously allowing the distractions from your day to fall away. The skins cells will be left, plump and lustrous.



KAKARA Toning Rose Mist is made with 100% Spray Free, Damascena Rose Hydrosol.