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Inika Vegan Kabuki Brush

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Gently provides flawless coverage, distributing an even amount of colour for an airbrushed finish.

Certified Vegan. Certified Cruelty-Free.

The award winning INIKA Vegan Kabuki Brush provides an even, airbrushed finish with every application.

  • Flawlessly blends loose minerals onto the skin.
  • The density of the brush ensures even coverage.
  • Extremely soft and gentle non-irritating bristles.
  • Easy to use; The perfect tool for applying your INIKA Mineral Powders.

  • How to

    1. Dip your Kabuki Brush into your Mineral Powder, work the powder into its bristles, ensuring brush is evenly coated.
    2. Turn the brush up and tap the brush handle on a hard surface to embed the minerals further into the bristles.
    3. Apply in light downward strokes all over the face (or for heavier coverage, use a circular buffing motion).
    4. Repeat to achieve your desired coverage or tap to conceal any skin imperfections or concerns.

    Cleaning instructions: We recommend you clean your Kabuki Brush for optimal performance. Twice a month is ideal, simply use a good quality organic shampoo with warm water. Once the water runs clear, squeeze out any excess and lay flat on its side to dry.

    All brushes are made from the softest synthetic fibres and the wood is sourced through sustainable forestry, making this a 100% Vegan and completely ethical product.