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Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holder Natural with Wooden Base

1 x Tea light candle included

Create a relaxing ambiance in your home with this Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holder.

The Himalayan salt has been carefully selected from the purest natural salt resources in the world.  When lit the salt gives off a relaxing orange glow and can help minimise 'electro magnetic smog', eliminate cooking odours, moulds and airborne bacteria around the home. 

Due to the hand carved nature of these products each one is unique so dimensions and weights may vary slightly.

Approx dimensions are:

90mm L x 110mm w x 105mm H

Weight is approximately between 400 - 700g

Is this a present? This product may be shipped in its original packaging which means the box will have courier labels attached to it. If you require it to be to be shipped in an additional cardboard box, please write a note in the comments section when your placing your order that you "require a box". 

Thanks - Rebalance

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