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Himalayan Salt Stone Grilling Block

Himalayan Salt Lamps

  • $39.90

Himalayan Salt Stone Grilling Block 

Dimensions: 20.35cm x 20.35 cm x 5cm approx

Weight 5 kg approx

Natural Himalayan Salt grilling blocks are fantastic for cooking in an oven, on a range, BBQ or on a grill to infuse flavour into your meal. Alternatively, you can use them chilled in the refrigerator for serving sushi, cheese or even frozen for a unique presentation of cold desserts.

The salt block can typically be heated between 150 and 200 C.

As these salt stone slabs are natural products, each block may have variable thresholds for pressure and temperature.

Is this a present? These salt blocks are shipped in their original packaging which means the box will have courier labels attached to it. If you require the block to be to be shipped in an additional cardboard box, please write a note in the comments section when your placing your order that you "require a box". Thanks - Rebalance

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