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Himalayan Salt Lamp - Fire Bowl

Himalayan Salt Lamp - Fire Bowl

Authentic Himalayan Salt Rock chips in a Himalayan Salt bowl.

Create a relaxing ambience in your home with one of these beautiful Himalayan crystal salt lamps. These salt lamps have been carefully selected from the purest natural salt resources in the world and come all ready to plug in, complete with cord, plug and bulb. They give off a relaxing orange glow once on and can help minimise 'electro magnetic smog', eliminate cooking odours, moulds and airborne bacteria around the home. Salt lamps are said to aid respiratory health conditions such as headaches, asthma and allergies and also work as a natural dehumidifier so it is best to leave them on 24/7.


After unpacking, attach the bulb and insert the bulb attachment into the salt lamp. Enjoy hours of blissful relaxation!

For indoor use only. Keep lamps away from water as it will dissolve the salt. Leave lamp on continuously or for at least 30 minutes per day to prevent moisture build up. If lamp is left off for an extended period of time, it will accumulate moisture.

Do not place salt lamp on top of electrical appliances such as TV's, stereos etc.

Rough Dimensions
The bowl is approx 10cm high and the diameter of the top of the bowl is approx 15cm.


PLEASE NOTE: The size and wattage of Salt Lamp bulbs makes them very fragile. To extend the life of your bulb please ensure they are screwed tightly into the light fitting and do not move the lamp while it is on. Salt lamps are designed to stay on 24/7 and turning these on and off will blow these small bulbs. Small and large power surges will also shorten the bulbs life. With proper care, these bulbs can last for months. 

Rebalance cannot be held responsible for blown bulbs.

Is this a present? These salt lamps are shipped in their original packaging which means the box will have courier labels attached to it. If you require the lamp to be shipped in an additional cardboard box, please write a note in the comments section when you're placing your order that you "require a box". Thanks - Rebalance

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