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Himalayan Bath Salt - Fine Grain 700g

These ancient salts are rich in 84 essential minerals and have many health benefits including stress relief, detoxification,improving cellulite, aiding sleep and relaxation, joint and muscle pain relief, improving circulation and assisting with skin conditions such as eczema.


Available in:

  • Natural
  • With added pure essential oil Lavender for relaxation
  • With added pure essential oilGrapefruit for invigoration
It is recommended that those with skin conditions use the natural bath salts.
The natural bath salts can be used in the bath or as a body scrub to exfoliate in the shower when mixed with a little water or warm coconut oil to form a paste.


For baths: Add approximately one handful of the salts to the bath under the tap while it is running.

For a body scrub: Place a palm size amount of the natural salt in your hand and mix with a little water or warm coconut oil to form a paste. Scrub over the body and leave for 3-5 minutes if possible to maximise benefits.

Each bag contains approximately 700g of Himalayan salt crystals.