Gem Stone Bead Bracelet


Made from 5mm natural gem stone beads these colourful elasticated bracelets give good vibes and are fun to wear.  

Wear them on their own or multiple at a time for extra colour and healing vibes.

They come in a gift box making them perfect to give to others also. 

Aside from their beautiful colours, through history gemstones are believed to provide different types of energy.

Select from:

Amethyst: Prized for its beautiful purple colour it is believed to have a calming effect and help to reduce anxiety.  Also believed to help promote peaceful sleep and aid creativity.  Features silver angel wings.

Amazonite: A mixture of greens, blues and earthy colours it is believed to have healing powers for physical ailments and emotional support against stress. Features silver angel wings.

African Turquoise: A mixture of gorgeous green and earth tones with a hint of blues, it is considered the stone of evolution.  Providing encouraging energy to renew your spirit and energy.  Features silver angel wings.

Rose Quartz: The soft pink tones of Rose Quartz reflect its link to the heart.  It is believed to be the crystal of unconditional love, carrying a soft energy of compassion and peace.  Features silver angel wings.

Opalite: With a soft iridescent beauty, Opalite has historically been thought of as bringing luck.  Used to ward off evil and protect those who travel to faraway lands.  It is also said to block bad dreams while assisting to focus the mind, motivate and give energy.  It is also the birthstone for Libra. Features silver angel wings

Charkra Bracelet: This fun, colourful bracelet is designed to dispel negative energy from the wearer while attracting positive energy and balancing the 7 Chakras or energy centres in the body.  Each of the 7 coloured stones in the bracelet reflects one of the Chakras in the body: crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root.  The colourful Chakra stones are surrounded by black stone beads.

NB. Due to the nature of these stones that are crafted from a natural product, the colours of the beads may vary slightly from those shown.