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Waihi Bush Flax Seed Oil 1000mg

Waihi Bush

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Waihi Bush Flax Seed Oil is pressed from certified organic flax seed, Linum usitatissimum (Linseed). The oil is high quality, extra virgin, unrefined, and contains no toxic substances or cholesterol. It is cold pressed in the absence of light, air and reactive metals and packaged in black HDPE plastic under an inert gas blanket to further protect it against light and oxygen.
Waihi Bush Flax Seed Oil is 61% Omega-3 alpha linolenic acid (ALA), and also contains the Omega-6 linoleic acid (LA) and the monounsaturated Omega-9 oleic acid.
Research has shown that most western diets have an imbalance of Omega essential fatty acids. While our bodies are evolved on a 1:1 ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6, researchers have shown that many people consume more than 20 times more Omega-6 than Omega-3! This deficiency of essential Omega-3 fatty acids results in the symptoms of sub-optimal health, including low immunity, vision problems, dry skin and hair, low energy and fatigue, learning problems, mood swings and depression.
You can have absolute confidence in the superior quality of organic Waihi Bush farm flax seed products. Our flax seed is grown organically by selected farmers in the South Island of New Zealand. After harvest we cold press the seed; the oil is absolutely pure, with nothing added and nothing removed. Then we check the oil for quality and taste, then bottle it. We take care at every step to maintain the integrity of this nutritious oil so that it reaches you in perfect condition.
All Waihi Bush Flaxseed products except Flax Bloom are certified organic by AgriQuality New Zealand.

Nutrition Information

Each Gelatin Capsule Provides:

Cold Pressed, Unrefined, Extra Virgin, Certified Organic Flax Seed Oil (71% of total food), Capsule shell - Gelatine (contains Antioxidant - Sulphur Dioxide), Humectant (Glycerine), Colour (Caramel I).

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