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E-Cloth Hob & Oven Pack

Cleaning without chemicals has never been easier!

This pack contains two cloths to clean all types of hob and oven, for a sparkling finish. 

Hob & Oven Cloth

Ideal for any hob and oven, this cloth will clean stuck-on grime and thick grease from any hard surface. Great on stainless steel, ceramic, glass, enamel and chrome.

One side of the cloth has toughened (non-scratch) strips to quickly and easily remove harder, burnt-on dirt and grease. The other side has a softer, more absorbent texture to clean away any remaining grease and bacteria. 

Perfect when used in combination with the Glass & Polishing Cloth, which gives a sparkling, streak-free finish to all hob and oven surfaces. 

32cm x 32cm 

Glass & Polishing Cloth

The Glass & Polishing cloth is the most versatile cloth. It will perform well on all light cleaning. It is exceptional on shiny surfaces and will leave stainless steel, ceramic, glass, enamel and chrome completely smear-free. It will easily outperform specialist liquid cleaners on these surfaces. 

The cloth has a different fiber construction and a different weave to the Hob & Oven Cloth. This reduces overall absorbency and makes it less effective on heavy dirt. However, it increases the speed at which moisture is absorbed and its performance on light grease and dirt is excellent. This is what enables it to leave surfaces so shiny.

40 x 50cm