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Crystal Water Bottle


Crystal water bottles are more than just a beautiful accessory. These unique water bottles use healing crystals to help align and transform your energy, spirit, and physical health.

Genuine crystals imbue your water with the crystal's energy. A must-have both if you already enjoy the benefits of the healing crystals or if you're just getting into this new world of powerful invigorating energy. 

Water used to fill the bottle will be charged with pure crystal energy throughout the whole day.

If you're not sure which bottle is the one for you, choose the crystal that most connects with your current intention - or treat yourself to more than one and switch them as you feel the need. 


  • Amethyst: Known as the Sobriety Stone, amethyst elevates the psyche and grounds the mind. Amethyst is for balance, healing, strength, positive energy, and creativity.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Quickly releases stress, bringing deep peace, harmony and deep inner self-knowledge. Encourages self-awareness and self-expression, reveals inner truth. Stimulates objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity. A helpful healing stone to assist your immune system, respiratory system and nervous system. Lapis Lazuli is also known to relieve pain, and be particularly helpful for migraine headaches. Lapis Lazuli is for communication, intuition, and inner power.
  • Obsidian: A powerful cleanser of psychic smog created within your aura, and is a strong psychic protection stone. Obsidian will help to shield you against negativity. Obsidian is for healing, truth, protection, and cleansing.
  • Rose Quartz:the Crystal Mother amongst the gemstones, symbolises irrevocable, unending, and unconditional love. Rose quartz is for love, devotion, peace, and inner harmony.

The stainless steel base and lid of the bottle can be unscrewed, allowing you to wash the glass portion either by hand or in the dishwasher. Please do not place the crystal wand (attached to the base) in the dishwasher!

Each bottle comes with a black neoprene sleeve to protect it when out and about.


  • Size: 250mm x 65mm
  • Weight: approximately 490g
  • Materials: Glass, stainless steel, crystal
  • Volume: 500ml

Note: Each crystal will be unique as it is a natural product. Each crystal tends to have a slight "lean" and is not perfectly straight; this is normal.