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The Biowashball is a fantastic, natural non-chemical replacement for laundry detergent.

Wash your clothes without detergent, soap, or chemicals! The Biowashball is a fabulous product that can save you hundreds of dollars every year, while also being good for your health and the environment.  

The Biowashball is your alternative to laundry detergent. It uses a proprietary and patented blend of ceramics and minerals to clean your clothes. 

This revolutionary Swiss technology alters the pH balance of the water and breaks down the adherence of the dirt molecules to the fabric. The dirt, bacteria, and odors are washed away during your machine’s rinse cycle.

The Biowashball is ideal If you or your children have sensitive skin and suffer from related conditions or allergies such as eczema.


Key Features

-100% Green & eco-friendly!

-Effective. It cleans, removes dirt, softens water and clothes, eliminates odors and kills germs.

-Easy to use. Just put it in your top or front loader washing machine!



-Lasts up to 3 years or around 1000 washes.

-Saves money.

-Saves the environment.

-Saves sensitive skin!

-No chemicals.

-No allergens.

-Water is detergent free so recyclable. Great for septic tanks and gardens.



Do I leave my Biowashball in the machine during the rinse cycle? 

Yes, you can leave the Biowashball in the machine throughout the entire cycle – the Biowashball will continue its washing action during any rinse cycles.


Can I turn the rinse cycles off? 

As there are no chemicals, fillers or residues to remove, there is nothing to rinse out. Once you have rinsed out any trace of dirty wash water, you can reduce or remove any additional rinse cycles if your machine permits it and thus save time, electricity and water.


Can I use cold water? 

Yes, you can use cold water with the Biowashball. The maximum temperature recommended for whites and linen, is 50 deg C.


What about my whites? 

The Biowashball does not contain bleach or whitener. There are natural products available with non-chemical whitening properties, which can be used to soak whites overnight, should you feel your whites have become a little dull.


Will Biowashball remove stubborn stains? 

Biowashball is not a spot and stain remover. As when using ordinary washing powders, spots and stains still have to be pre-treated.


Is Biowashball effective with hard water? 

Yes, the Biowashball works in all water types.


Can I use some detergent with my Biowashball? 

Yes, you can use a little biodegradable detergent in the machine when using your Biowashball.


Will the Biowashball damage my delicate fabrics? 

Washing machines can be very rough on delicate clothes and it is therefore recommended that all delicates be placed in a laundry bag prior to washing.


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