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Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

This natural teething necklace is made from 100% Baltic Amber, a resin used as a natural pain reliever for centuries in Europe. For teething babies, Amber necklaces are a non-invasive alternative for relief from the side effects associated with teething. They are fast becoming the number one alternative choice. 

The colours may vary slightly from the images on the website due to variations in the amber beads. Each amber necklace is unique. They are designed to be worn and not chewed.


  • Length: 32cm 
  • Necklaces fasten with a screw clasp which opens and closes easily
  • 100% Natural Baltic amber
  • Handmade in Lithuania
  • Every bead is individually knotted for safety
  • Suitable for children and toddlers from 3 months onwards
  • The necklace should be removed when the child is unattended or sleeping