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Absolute Essential Organic Cell Tone Essential Oil Blend 10ml

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Grapefruit (organic), Cedarwood (organic), Cypress (organic), Lemon (organic), Fennel (organic), Lemonmint, Spearmint (organic), Juniper (organic).

This pure essential oils blend has been created especially for application to problem areas such as thighs and abdomen. It aids natural elasticity, healthy circulation and effective recovery in stretched skin.

Daily use will enhance the visible toning and firming effects of healthy diet and exercise.

Place 5 drops onto a wet cloth and rub onto desired areas (avoid your face and sensitive areas).

This pure blend has been designed to work as a morning booster to body cell and tissue activity.

Results will be complemented with a night time intensive using CellSlim Oil.


Cellulite and Water Retention-This highly absorbent formula of active essential oils penetrates the skin to actually support the breakdown of fatty tissues that sit close to the skin s surface and create dimpling, as well as assisting the natural release of retained water.

Weight Reduction-This blend is designed to support the body's natural recovery process during weight loss so that the skin can maintain maximum elasticity and tone. It also aids the natural breakdown of accumulated fatty tissues for more efficient results.

Tissue Firming-Made with nutrient rich essential oils, Cell Tone feeds the skin and helps maintain the supple, elastic qualities of beautiful skin.

Muscle Toning-This is a Pure Blend formula that is easily absorbed and deeply nourishing to skin and muscle tissue.


Main Components

Juniper Berry (organic) Juniperus communis-Traditional use: to condition body tissue; to help ease fluid retention and celulite.

Grapefruit (organic) Citrus paradisi-Traditional use: to help stimulate healthy cell activity in cases of water retention and fatty tissue.

Cypress (organic) Cupressus sempervirens-Traditional use: to help boost energy; to promote healthy circulation.

Fennel Sweet (organic) Foeniculum vulgare dulce-Traditiona use: to encourage cell rejuvenation and healthy body tissue.


Safety Considerations

Safe if used as directed. NOT suitable for use during pregnancy or breast feeding.