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Natural Remedies for Mood Swings

Natural remedies for Premenstrual Tension, PMT, PMS Premenstrual Syndrome, Hormone Imbalance

Rebalance Recommends

Herbal Female

Formulated herbal to support healthy female hormonal balance.  Suitable for menstrual balance, pre-menstrual emotional and physical support, as well as for menopausal support to address temperature balance and mood swings.

Complete Omega 3.6.9

Helps to relieve symptoms of PMT and aids proper gland function.

Vitamin B Complex

Helps reduce stress and nervous tension. Vitamin B6 aids in the balancing of oestrogen levels.

Advanced Probiotics

Acidophilus help break down metabolites of oestrogen.


Helps aid nerve impulse transition.


Tips & Info

Where possible avoid exposure to plastics. 

Reduce stress.

Eat fresh fruit and veges and foods high in complex carbohydrates and fibre as these can help rid the body of extra oestrogen.

Get regular exercise.

Don't smoke.

Avoid caffeine, salt, red meat, dairy, alcohol and sugar.

Include foods high in phytoestrogens in the diet. Good examples are soy, flaxseed, apples, whole grains, parsley and alfalfa.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water or herbal tea daily.


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