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Iron Supplements for Anaemia in Children

Iron deficiency affects up to 25% of children under the age of three in New Zealand. If your child is a fussy eater and you suspect they aren't getting their RDI of iron, be sure to get their iron levels checked by a health practitioner before supplementing with iron. 

Some common iron deficiency symptoms in young children include:

-Constantly unwell

-Increased infections

-Low energy levels

-Pale skin

-Impaired learning

-Poor appetite


Rebalance recommends


A natural whole food that is rich in iron. No iron tests needed before supplementing with this.


Highly recommended for confirmed iron deficiency in children so please check iron levels first. Spatone is an iron rich spring water, highly absorbable, non constipating, gentle and can be mixed into juice.

Kid's Vege

A whole food supplement rich in iron. No iron tests needed before supplementing with this.


Tips & Info

Good sources of Iron include eggs, red meat, tofu, baked beans, whole grains, fortified cereals, green leafy vegetables, avocados, almonds, blackstrap molasses, prunes, soybeans, raisins, and kidney beans.

Eating foods high in vitamin C with iron will increase the absorption. Having fruit with cereal in the morning, for example. 

Blend Spirulina with a banana and pineapple for a delicious smoothie high in vitamins and minerals.

Avoid taking iron supplements when there is an infection present, ie colds, flu etc. The body "hides" iron when an infection is present as bacteria require iron to grow. By supplementing at this time you are providing those nasty bacteria the ingredients they need to survive and reproduce.

Drinking too much cow's milk is a common cause of iron deficiency in young children as cows milk contains little iron but plenty of calcium which is believed to inhibit the absorption of iron.

The RDA of iron for children is 8 - 10mg per day. 











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