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Natural Remedies for Children's Coughs

Natural remedies for treating children's coughs

Common coughs, Bronchitis, Whooping Cough, Lingering Coughs, Respiratory Conditions 

Rebalance Recommends

Children's DHA Cod Liver Oil 

For a strong, healthy immune system and the healing of mucous membranes/lung tissue. Bonus goodness for eye and brain development. This formula is pure and free from heavy metals. It has a natural strawberry flavour and kid's love it! Great blended into smoothies or just straight off the spoon. Soothes coughs.

Colloidal Silver Liquid

Natures best antibiotic and great for all respiratory ailments. Best taken straight off a plastic spoon. This has no taste so is easy for kid's to take and fights the germs causing coughs.

Natural Vitamin C

Helps to fight the infection, boosts immune system, helps with fevers and coughs.

Baby Care Nose & Chest

This oil is best used on an electric oil diffuser at night while baby/child is sleeping. It supports processes that clear mucus in the nose and chest and assist healthy trouble-free breathing. Add 5 drops to the diffuser at night and replenish as needed. 


Tips & Info

Include plenty of garlic in the diet to help fight infection.

Drink plenty of fluids to help thin the mucous in the chest.

To help mucous drain while in bed, place 2 phone books or yellow pages under the feet at the head of the bed or cot. 

Pharmaceutical drugs do not cure the illness they just suppress the symptoms. Support the bodies own natural process to get back to health by staying away from the pamol and cough suppressants. This way, you are helping create a strong immune system for your child.

If your child is having difficulty breathing and/or is looking blue around the mouth then take a trip to your doctor or hospital ASAP.


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