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Natural Treatments for Pregnancy Backache

Natural treatments for backache in pregnancy

Rebalance recommends

Pregnancy Back Care

A safe massage oil applied as required during pregnancy, may help relieve back pain and body aches and enhance sleep.

Prenatal DHA

Contains Omega 3 a great natural anti inflammatory for back and muscle pain. Also essential for baby's brain and eye development and offering mood and nerve support for Mum's.


Helps to relax tense muscles.


Tips & Info

The muscle relaxing pregnancy hormones and growing baby changing your centre of gravity all contribute to pregnancy backache.

Try not to stay in one position for long periods of time.

Get regular GENTLE exercise. Swimming can work wonders for aches and pains.

Consider regular pregnancy massage as part of your weekly routine.

Do not wear high heel shoes.

Don't life heavy objects, other children fit into this category i'm afraid. 

Try pregnancy yoga or stretching.

At night use as many pillows as you need to feel comfortable, between your knees, under your belly, under your back, you name it...if it is comfortable DO IT! 

Talk to your midwife or doctor for severe back or hip pain.














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