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Multi Vitamins for Seniors

These days our diets don't provide us with all the essential vitamins and minerals that our bodies need. Poor crop rotation, lack of nutrients in the soil, the over use of pesticides and fertilizers and an overload of highly processed foods on the market all effect what we can absorb from our foods. To ensure we are getting the right nutrients for a healthy mind and body, top up with a daily multi vitamin and mineral supplement.


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Omnium is an advanced multi-nutrient and antioxidant formula formulated by nutritional experts to meet the unique health demands of the 21st century. The result of intensive research, Omnium includes only those nutrients proven to provide the most effective benefits for optimal health. Omnium is the premium choice for those who demand the best for their health today and protection for the future.



It is well documented that New Zealand soil is low in many essential minerals. These include selenium, boron and magnesium.

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