The beauty of the Mad Millie Vegan Kits is they turn what could be a complicated process into a quick and easy one, you come away from the kitchen with a smile on your face and a plate full of goodies! Always wanted to learn how to make vegan cheese? The Mad Millie Vegan Cheese Kit will have you whipping up marinated feta, mozzarella, halloumi, ricotta, cream cheese and mascarpone – and all dairy-free!

Make your own kombucha using our live culture (SCOBY) which turns sweetened tea into a delicious, fizzy beverage. Fermenting kombucha yourself gives you the creative license to have as much or as little tart zing as you want. 

Making your own fresh nut mylk means you know exactly what is going into that glass of delicious, creamy goodness. The Mad Millie Nut Mylk Kit contains everything you need to create, experiment and perfect your nut mylk time and time again.

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