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Natural Immune Support for Teens

Best immune boosters for teens.

Rebalance recommends


Nature's Way SystemWell® Supports immune strength to help maintain wellness, especially during seasonal weather changes and winter. Also a great formula for convalescence and general well-being.


Lifestream Advanced Probiotics is a unique 14 strain probiotic supplement, expertly formulated to help the digestive and immune systems, which are closely linked to optimum health and well being.


To boost immunity and also aids in hormone balancing and skin conditions. 

Arctic Cod Liver Oil

High in vitamins A & D which benefit immunity and resistance to infection.



Increase fresh fruits and vegetables into the diet and include garlic, kelp and pearl barley.

Avoid sugars, animal fats, processed foods and caffeine.

Get sufficient sleep each night.

Minimise stress.

Do not smoke.

Avoid overeating.


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