The first thoughts of an organic company came during the summer of 2008 when my house was damaged by a severe storm and became infested with insects. Pregnant at the time and increasingly eco-conscious, I started reading the labels of traditional insect repellents and realized they were ridden with harmful chemicals and other ingredients that were unknown to me. Fearful of what these chemicals could do to my unborn child, my family and I began to research various essential oils and the properties they contained.

Shortly thereafter, we invested in a small machine that allowed us to mix small quantities of essential oils. After much research we wound up with a variety of oils, all of which had repellent properties to varying degrees. By dint of hard work and extensive mixing and matching we eventually derived a formula that actually repelled insects, was kind to skin and was safe. Sharing with friends and other family members led to positive confirmation of our findings and Greenerways Organic Bug Spray was born.

Our hope was that the success of the bug spray would allow for the production of other healthy, sustainable and affordable products and we now have a line of certified USDA organic pest repellents, household cleaners and skin balms.

It's my belief that all families deserve to be able to make healthy choices, but sometimes these choices are expensive and limiting. Our goal, therefore, has been and always will be to provide affordable organic products in the belief that everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of a chemical-free, organic lifestyle.

Jayme Bella
CEO Greenerways, LLC

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