​Dream Eco Products have been created to address a gap in the market for non-toxic, family friendly cleaning products. The products have been thoroughly tested by commercial cleaners and get the job done well and in an environmentally responsible manner.

Environmentally responsible
Dream Eco Products are the solution when you need non-toxic cleaning products. With an emphasis on pure essential oils and non-toxic ingredients, Dream Eco Products have produced these cleaning products to make your home a healthier, cleaner, place.
To tie in with their environmentally friendly focus, their fleet of vehicles are hybrid cars, reducing their ecological footprint.

Socially mindful
Dream Eco Products hires single parents, and pays a higher-than-average wage, offering them independence and flexible employment solutions. The company also sponsor a number of community programmes, which includes supporting local rugby clubs.
You can be sure that when you buy products from Dream Eco Products, you’re not just buying a product that’s eco-friendly and non-toxic, but you’re supporting a community.

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