Conscious was founded in 2016 as The Kiwi Clean - an eco friendly cleaning solution and testing ground for the beautiful, high performing range that we have today. In 2019 we shifted our focus away from cleaning to only providing ethical, natural cleaning products. They live by the following:
Reduced plastic packaging 
Only the bottle lids and triggers are plastic - and they're 100% recyclable or reusable. The bottles are refillable glass and all other packaging is home compostable raw cardboard and paper.
Safe and ethical ingredients 
They use only responsibly sourced natural ingredients and offer complete transparency on these. Ranging from handcrafted castile soaps and coconut derived surfactants that are 100% safe along with a few other ingredients that they're happy to talk about and will list later on. Conscious products are also septic, grey water and worm farm safe.
As it stands they are the cheapest glass bottled cleaning product on the New Zealand and UK market. 
Carbon Neutral 2020 
They're working towards being 100% carbon neutral through all of their practices. They go the extra mile to have all bulk plastic packaging returned from their wholesale / refillery customers for reuse until it is no longer viable whereby it will then be upcycled or recycled. They aim to be certified carbon neutral by early to mid 2020. 
Cruelty Free
All Conscious products are vegan friendly and 100% cruelty free and palm oil free. 

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