The Martin & Pleasance range of Dr. Schuessler's Tissue Salts are designed to help regulate the balance of mineral salts within the cells of the body. 

Mineral salts are small constituents of our cells, but nonetheless essential for their functioning. A deficiency or an imbalance of these vital minerals can lead to cell or even organ dysfunction. 

Mineral salts may well be present in our food, yet they often do not end up where they are actually needed in our body. 

Dr. Schuessler was a 19th centaury German physician who endeavoured to find natural remedies, and published the results of his experiments in a German homeopathic journal in March 1873, leading to an influential list of 12 Biochemic cell salts. He recognised that 12 of these minerals exist in every cell of the body (of every healthy person). 

Dr Schuessler theorised that any symptoms reflect a deficiency of a particular mineral or minerals and he began using tiny amounts of 12 different biochemical tissue salts to treat symptoms and then developed combinations of salts for general use to help relieve symptoms.

The therapeutic effects ascribed to Dr. Schuessler Salts are multiple. They help to reorganize or cure an imbalance of the respective minerals in the cells. They encourage the self-healing powers of your body in a safe and gentle way – without virtually any side-effects.

Dr. Schuessler Salts minerals are able to harmonize and regulate chemical processes in the cells. They are prepared in a way which makes them easily available for all cells in the body.


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