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Livon Labs

Why choose LivOn Labs' Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C?

Every time you make a purchase you have choices. You can choose to upgrade your airline seat or travel squished in the middle seat. You can choose a compact or luxury vehicle. That's why we think you should upgrade your choice of nutritional supplements and choose the best product on the market!

Our technology makes all the difference

LivOn Laboratories was the first company to utilize a highly sophisticated technology which originated with the pharmacetutical industry. This technology, utilizing "liposomes" as the supplement delivery system, provides your body with a "two for one". With LivOn products your body receives important liposomes as well as an important nutritional supplement. Today, LivOn Labs Lypo-Spheric™ C is recognized as the "BMW" of nutritional supplements. This liposomal form of Vitamin C is the first choice of people who really understand bioavailability and the importance of high-dose vitamin C. Other forms of vitamin C succumb to absorption barriers that vastly limit the level of vitamin C that can enter the bloodstream. Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C crashes through these barriers to get high potency vitamin C where you need it most, to your cells.

10 Reasons you need Vitamin C

  1. It's a powerful Antioxidant
  2. It's an essential Nutrient
  3. Unlike many animals, humans don't produce vitamin C
  4. Promotes muscle repair
  5. Reduce muscle soreness due to overexertion
  6. Supports optimal overall health
  7. Replenish energy naturally
  8. Protects cells from the damage caused by free radicals
  9. Triggers collagen production for healthier skin
  10. Supports Paleo, Zone and Vegan Diets

Today, there is some scientific evidence suggesting that consumption of antioxidant vitamins, like Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C may reduce the risk of certain fatal disease and illnesses.

Why you need Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C

LivOn Labs' patented Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C is the most advanced liposomal supplement on the market. If you're serious about your health, choose Lypo-Spheric™ nutrients. Don't be fooled by "copycats". When you purchase our nutritional supplements, you are choosing to upgrade to the best product on the market. Similar products may claim to contain 1,000mg of vitamin C; however, due to absorption barriers most of their nutrients are flushed out of your body via the digestive system.

Directions for Use

As a dietary supplement take one packet 1 to 2 times per day. For best results, snip or tear the notched end off the packet, squeeze into one or more ounces of your favorite cool beverage, drink on an empty stomach, and wait at least 15 minutes before eating for maximum absorption.

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