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HEEL Homeopathic Remedies

Welcome to one of the world’s leading manufacturers of homeopathic combination medications!

Homeopathy has successfully found its way into many doctors’ practices and home medicine chests. In many cases it has done so in the form of Heel’s homeopathic combination preparations, which are simple, gentle, and effective in use. In many instances, their efficacy has been corroborated by scientific studies.

Heel’s second trademark is the treatment principle of homotoxicology. It makes possible a deep treatment aimed at eliminating the causes of disease. This is possible with Heel’s special medicines which, for example, regulate blocked metabolic processes or stimulate the detoxification of the body. However, users who have a penchant for gentle medicine and prefer a simple way are also well catered for by Heel. Well-known top products such as Traumeel, Zeel, Vertigoheel, or Gripp-Heel are just as easy to use as the preparations in conventional medicine. As homeopathic preparations, they are particularly well tolerated. Good tolerability is a plus which is particularly important with children and the elderly, but also with all other patients of all ages. Top international athletes, Olympic teams as well as the doctors looking after them are also increasingly relying on the effectiveness of Heel medications and their gentle mode of action. Heel thus meets the requirement for a modern, comprehensive concept for well-being achieved by natural means – “Healthcare designed by nature.”

Heel products are safe, natural, easy to use and effective. They can be used on all ages and species! We could spend the next few hours singing their praise, but the truth really is in the remedy.


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