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Ecostore NZ

Ecostore is a values based company that aim to bring you the most natural skincare and green cleaning products that they can without the use of unnecessary or unsafe chemicals. Ecostore was started over 18 years ago by Malcolm and Melanie Rands in a permaculture eco-village in New Zealand. Along with skincare products and everyday cleaning supplies ecostore now develops and manufactures more than 100 plant and mineral based products which also includes haircare and babycare.


Why use Ecostore products?

Safer ingredients- Ecostore use plant and mineral based ingredients to create safer, healthier products that do the job just as effectively as the petrochemical based ones. 

They practise the precautionary approach - if there is any doubt about the safety of an ingredient for the environment or for people's health they will look for a safer alternative.

Outstanding performance- Ecostore evaluate whether each product meets their performance criteria - to be comparable, if not better than the market leading conventional brand. 

All ecostore products are tested by 3rd party laboratories.

Value for money - Plant and mineral based ingredients are more expensive than petrochemical ones but Ecostore manage to keep prices down by economically concentrating their formulations.

Each of the ingredients used is functional; they don't add fillers to give the perception of better value.

Cost per use is significantly less than many other supermarket brands.


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