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Ceres Organics

Ceres Organics health food supplements

Many years ago, back to the time our parents and grandparents fondly refer to as ‘the good old days’, natural farming methods were the norm. Then, industrialisation happened - forcing all economic activity down a human-controlled path of development, separate from nature. Industrial farming ushered the era of mass production, which led to the dumping of cheap food on the world markets, and undermined local food production systems by undercutting prices. Suddenly, the traditional diets of our ancestors began shifting to what became known as the "Western Diet" -- industrialised food, reconstituted, repackaged and redefined to conform to the latest whims of nutritional science. Food was no longer what it once was.

Then too, industrialisation brought with it a host of health and environmental baggage-- increased obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer-risk and food allergies, as well as, pollution of the soil and waterways and reduction of biodiversity. Conventional household and skin care products also happened to have their own problematic chemical overload situation.

The good news is that consumers have awakened, becoming more educated about health issues and nutritional foods. There is a growing interest in food culture, and more health conscious consumers are demanding higher quality food and products. What began as a fringe movement in the mid 1900’s has now turned into a consumer driven growth industry, reversing the economic model of the last century. Across the globe, the movement to reconnect with the natural systems and the earth has sparked the return to traditional ways – the ORGANIC way.

In 1982, New Zealand, a group of like-minded individuals came together with an IDEA-- to make organic food available to New Zealand families. They were convinced that ‘organics is the future’. And so CERES was born.  

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