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Best Children's Multi Vitamins

Best children's multi vitamins

Let's face it, children can be fussy eaters. We try our best at meal times, but they often have other ideas for their pea's and broccoli! Multivitamin supplements for kid's provide adequate levels of nutrients needed to build strong, healthy bodies. It gives us parents peace of mind in knowing they are getting all the extra nutrients they may need in these crucial early stages of development.

Rebalance Recommends


A fantastic multi for kid's with no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and provide a broad spectrum of essential vitamins and minerals required for healthy growth and development.

Kid's Multi

Well balanced Kid's multi with highly absorbable vitamins and minerals.

Kid's Vege

A great idea for those fussy eaters. This multi is made from whole food supplements in a tasty chewable tablet.


Spirulina is a great whole food supplement full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Great in kid's smoothies (see below).



Spirulina smoothies are a great way to get extra nutrients into growing little bodies. Blend spirulina, pineapple juice and a banana together for a delicious and healthy snack. 


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