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Probiotics for Antibiotic Support

Antibiotics are designed to kill off bacteria in the body. Great for infection, but not so great for the many beneficial bacterial that are found in our digestive system. After a course of antibiotics, it is important to replace any good bacteria that have been lost. These play a major role in all digestive processes and immunity.


Rebalance recommends

Advanced Acidophilus Plus

Advanced Acidophilus Plus provides two well researched and proven strains of probiotics, beneficial bacteria that promote a healthy bowel.

Primadophilus For Children

Great for kid's or babies who are or have been on antibiotics. Can help with diarrhoea associated with antibiotic use.

Vitamin B Complex

To replace lost B vitamins and keep those intestinal bacteria healthy.



For children and babies- Although yoghurt contains some probiotics, mainly acidophilus, it does not contain those found in infants or children's digestive systems so children's probiotic supplements are needed. 

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