November 28, 2019 2 min read

Many of us are concerned with what we eat and put on our skins, preferring to use natural and organic products and foods for optimum health. But do you know what you are exposing yourself to when cleaning? These are some of the typical ingredients in cleaning products:

1,4-DIOXANE – a known carcinogen which breaks down harsh chemicals but creates a dangerous reaction. Check your labels for sodium laureth sulfate, PEG compounds, chemicals that include the clauses xynol, ceteareth and oleth.

CHLORINE – an antibacterial found in common bleach, this chemical has been linked to allergies and asthma in children.

AMMONIA – very poisonous to the lungs and brain and is a dangerous chemical combination that often causes coughing and burning of the skin when in contact.

FRAGRANCE – hundreds of chemicals can be used to create fragrances and companies do not have to list them all, so best avoided.

2-BUTOXYETHANOL – this is often used in protective surface coatings, household “degreasers,” and dry-cleaning products, it can enter your body through the air or by skin contact and thereby enter the bloodstream and affect your organs. Check the ingredients for anything with “butyl”.

PHTHALATES – this group of chemicals is used to soften plastic and vinyl in products and make fragrances stick to the skin. You can almost always find them in any item with “fragrance” or “parfum.” They are endocrine disruptors and possible carcinogens.

So what to use when cleaning? Fortunately there are plenty of options which are safe for you and your loved ones, yet effective in cleaning your home, dishes, and laundry.



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Dr Bronners

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Dr Bronners Product Collection


These products contain effective naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients that are plant based (such as aloe vera, coconut oil and sugar, renewable, formulated for the lowest possible toxicity and the fastest biodegradability.

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