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June 05, 2017 2 min read

Winter skin blues

In winter, our skin needs more moisture to combat cold wind and air conditioning and heat pumps that strip the moisture out of our skin and hair.

Here are some skin care tips for glowing skin even during cooler months:

Hydrate – Drinking a cold glass of water when it’s cold and pelting down outside is probably the last thing you feel like, try drinking herbal teas with antioxidant properties like green tea, dandelion or rooibos to maximise the goodness...your skin will thank you. 

Not too hot– This one just feels mean, because there is nothing better than a hot shower on a cold winter’s day, but water that is too hot can strip our skin of natural oils.

Rub down– Try making your own shower body scrub out of coffee grinds and coconut oil (or cheat and use  Sukin’s Energising Body Scrub) – Coffee aroma IN your morning shower AND you step out with skin as smooth as a baby, it’s a win-win people.  Follow up with a nourishing body lotion like Dr Bronner’s Lavender Coconut Hand & Body lotion.

Seal it– Try switching to a more nourishing cleanser like Antipodes Grace Cream Cleanser which leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed but not stripped of moisture.  A night oil like Living Nature Radiance Night Oilis a blessing to parched skin and there is nothing better than waking up with glowing skin after a hard night’s sleep.
A hydrating mask is a good idea once a week, try one in the evening after a shower when your pores are open for maximum nourishment.  The Herb Farm Revitalising Face Mask suits all skin types and removes impurities and detoxifies while leaving skin soft, hydrated and glowing.  Best of all it only takes 10 minutes to work its magic too!