BRAND/Harker Herbals


Previously Malcolm Harker -  The traditional Herbalist draws upon the wisdom and proven results of traditional herbal medicine as practiced by the ancients, nomadics, gypsies and country folk of old. Malcolm Harker studies Advanced Herbology for the science and chemistry of medicinal plants and disease, marrying, from the atomic level up, appropriate herbs and herbal blends to deal with illness and afflictions. This is how Malcolm Harker Herbals developed - not simply from the cellular level but from where it counts - the atomic level. In this way we can effectively and permanently influence ill health, from the atomic level up, and create a strong foundation for healing.

Thousands of people using Malcolm Harker products have said they have been helped by the lifestyle philosophies and products which were developed over decades. Tens of thousands have found relief from long endured conditions. Several doctors have also taken an interest in results experienced by their patients, some even encouraged patients to keep using the products. A number of doctors have said they have re-evaluated some of their long-held beliefs and have taken a more serious look at natural treatments. Conversely, where herbs cannot fully assist, we must respect the value of other modes of healing such as orthodox medicine, homoeopathy, aromatherapy and psychotherapy, most of which will benefit from herbal and dietary correction support in any case.

The tonics and balms have evolved over 30 years of constant research, improvements, re-evaluations and consequent refinements in quality and efficacy. It has been, necessarily, a long and arduous process, for unlike in the laboratory, one cannot hurry nature along. Often it can take up to two years of in-field practice before a new remedy is perfected and ‘ready to go’.